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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Keez - "Coldhearted" (Official Video)‏

Check out Boston's rising star Keez new video "Coldhearted". Born as Karl Delarosa, he originally dabbled in hip hop at the tender age of 8. He and his childhood friends would dress up and act as as if they were shooting a music video, while he kicked his own written material. Influenced by some of hip hops heavy weights were artist such as Dipset, 50 cent, Lil Bow Wow, Lil Romeo and a slew of others. He'd even perform in local talent shows. As much as he loved hip hop, he still wasn't serious about becoming a hip hop artist. A series of unfortunate events and tragedies such as ending up homeless, sleeping in halls that was responsible for molding him. Out of all the things that has transpired in Keez young existence, it was the murder of his brother that changed his outlook on life. The Bostonite learned a valuable lesson from this terrible tragedy. Life is too short.

It was then that he decided to turn it up. This is the first video off the upcoming project Dedicatedtothegrind (Dedicated To The Grind) schedule to drop soon which features Dip Set's very own J R Writer on the track, Work. Also features Hell Rell on the infectious tune, Ball. Keez also has members of his own camp, BTS Scrillagang (Bout That Scrilla) that rep on this project . Although Keez has no shortage of features , he proves that he can hold his very own on the auto-tune laced banga, Cold Hearted.

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