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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Stargo - Eye Red (Feat. Gemini & Shaker) (Prod. By E.L)‏

The last time we heard something from Stargo was on ‘Wash Away’ off E.L’s B.A.R mixtape. The rapper, who has been referenced many times and received plaudits as one of the overlooked talents in today’s rap game from E.L, is out with a new single ‘Eye Red’.

The song rides on an banging Azonto beats produced by E.L and features Shaker (on hook) and Gemini, with the rappers talking about going for the big prize in the rap game ‘I make wild from my kiddie time/ Was a bad boy like Ma$e for that Diddy shine/ I put my hands up to take what’s really mine/ First I just buy one plot/ Now the city’s mine).

Eye Red has all the trappings of becoming a propeller of Stargo into mainstream recognition-it’s catchy, fun and radio formatted.
Enjoy the song by downloading below.

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